Frequently Asked Questions

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An Electronic Payments account is a special type of merchant account that allows your personal training business to accept payments via credit card (or debit cards that can be processed as a credit cards) and direct debits (credit card and bank account). It serves as an agreement between you, the bank, and a merchant account provider/processor to process financial transactions.
PT.Transact Electronic Payments is currently available to trainers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
We are working hard to bring Electronic Payments to other countries and will be making announcements when appropriate.
A Fitness Wallet account is a special type of account your clients establish with your business via Electronic Payments. A Fitness Wallet allows your clients to make payments for any product or service your business sells at any time electronically via PT.Transact without having to continually provide account details each time. Your clients can choose to use a credit card or bank account as their preferred source of funds for their Fitness Wallet account.
PT.Transact boasts one of the world's simplest and quickest merchant account application processes. To apply, simply launch the PT.Transact app, tap the Menu button and select Apply for Electronic Payments Acccount.
In most cases, you can expect approval in as little as 2-3 days.
Documents supporting business ownership (e.g., certificate of registration, etc), evidence of a bank account used by your business (e.g., copy of a bank statement) and identification such as your drivers license.
You can sell any product or service related to your business using Electronic Payments. This includes one-off purchases (such as a block of sessions) as well as recurring purchases (such as weekly or fotnightly recurring sessions). Your clients can pay using either a credit card or bank account via direct debit.
Funds are transferred into your bank account within 2 business days, beginning the day after the transaction is approved.
We take security extremely seriously! Your trust in us and the trust your clients have in you are of paramount importance to us. Each and every bit of Electronic Payments data- including transactions- are encrypted TWICE before being sent. Our provider adheres to the strictest of industry-standard security protocols and are fully PCI-DSS compliant.